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Each Grocery item comes packaged in a manner reproducing 18th century packaging using contemporary images and extant examples, whether packaged in paper packets, cloth bags, or glass or earthenware containers.

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Beverages and Related


Beginning in June of 1700, Hannah and William Penn made numerous requests for chocolate, "if to be had." (Deborah Logan, Correspondence between William Penn and James Logan...)

Chocolate defined by N Bailey, Dictionarium Domesticum, 1736: "A drink made of the India cocoa-nut."

Restoration Coffee House Chocolate
Four 1-ounce cakes, $8.00
Spiced with cinnamon, cloves, chili and vanilla.
The irregularites in appearance you see are the result of the minimal processing of the chocolate, and the separation of the cocoa butter.

Quantity (packages of 4 cakes):

Chocolate Cake (left)
1751 receipt, 70% cacao
8 oz, $14.00

We listened to your requests for a darker chocolate - our chocolate cake is now 70% cacao! For those who prefer a less dark chocolate, adding sugar to taste is a perfectly period practice.


Cacao Beans
(Chocolate Nuts)
Criollo, roasted
Organic and fair trade certified.
2 oz, $4.00


Powder'd Drinking Chocolate
Pure Chocolate from our Benjamin Jackson Chocolate Cake
2 oz, $4.00



Coffee and Chicory

Coffee: "A drink well known made of a Berry brought from Turkey and other places."
(N Bailey, 1736) William Penn asked of James Logan in a letter dated the 6th of the 7th month, "...fail not to send..., and some coffee-berries, four lbs..." (Deborah Logan, Correspondence between William Penn and James Logan...)

Our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is from an estate established in the 1750's by Captain Wallenford.

Directions for Preparing True Coffee
Secrets concerning Arts and Trades, 1755 (title page missing) transcribed from French to English 1755.

"The berry of a West Indian tree of the myrtle family.  To most English speaking people the tree is calledpimento and the berries allspice." John Nott
Coffee Berries (light roasted)
Jamaica Blue Mountain
4 oz, $9.00
8 oz, $15.00
2 oz (8 scoops), ground, $5.00


A patriotic substitute for coffee
4 oz, $6.00



All Dobyns & Martin teas are sold loose "in the leaf"
TEA SAMPLERS are offered for your pleasure.

BRICK TEA/TEA BRICKS are not sold by the Grocery. There is no evidence to support it. Brick tea was made from the sweepings of the tea sorting floor, mixed with ox blood or manure, compacted into bricks for easy transport on the China Road into Siberia. Once there, it was generally mixed with rancid yak butter for a dish, not a beverage. Brick tea and tea bricks were not available in western Europe or in the colonies. Many have argued that it was here, but none have come up with any primary source documentation to place it here. No equipment designed for rendering brick tea useable has been found in the Colonies or England. "Tea bricks were sold direct to Tibet and Russia and invented before modern packaging. The brick is composed of all of the plant, stalk and all." (Emily Hahn, The Cooking of China, 1968)


Bohea Tea
2 oz wrapped in paper, $4.00
2 oz in a tin, $5.00

A black fruity tea, oxidized before drying and offering much color and pungency. This tea will last for years if stored properly and will take on a mellow, winey character.


Congo, or Congou Tea
2 oz wrapped in paper, $4.25
1.75 oz in a tin, $5.00

A leafy, finer quality of black Chinese tea usually produced from a large leaf located on the fifth line on the plant. The taste is very sensual and sweet, reminiscent of roses and some muscat grapes. This blend produces a delightful, naturally scented tea.

Gunpowder Tea
2 oz wrapped in paper, $4.75
2 oz in a tin, $5.75

A type of young green tea in which each leaf is rolled into a ball by the picker before being cured.


Hyson/Green Tea
2 oz wrapped in paper, $4.75
2 oz in a tin, $5.75

Chinese for "flourishing spring," it is a type of green Chinese tea plucked early, but typically harvested from the second crop, after gunpowder tea. Made from thinly rolled and twisted leaves, which unfurl when brewed.


Oolong Tea
2 oz wrapped in paper, $4.50
2 oz in a tin, $5.50

Semi-fermented tea from China or Formosa; a diplomatic blend because it is composed of black tea and green tea. It is more delicate than black tea, yet stronger than green tea. The floral Ti Kuan Yin produces a clear mellow brew and is famous for its light fragrance. Milk and sugar are commonly added to this type of tea.


Souchong Tea
2 oz wrapped in paper, $4.75
2 oz in a tin, $5.75

A black tea having a pronounced smoky flavor; produced from the largest leaf of tea. Surprisingly, it contains less caffeine than green teas.



"...for tea we [North American colonists] have sage and bawm [balm] in our gardens, the young leaves of the sweet hickery [sic] or walnut, and above all, the buds of our pine,infinitely preferrable to any tea from the Indies..." (Benjamin Franklin)

Lavender Tea
1/2 oz, $3.75

Produced from the blossoms of the aromatic plant, the tea was and is commonly used for medicinal purposes.


Lemon Balm Tea
1 oz, $3.75

Grown in kitchen gardens for use as a tea or as a lemon flavoring in cooking.


Oswego Tea
(Bee Balm)
1 oz, $4.00

A North American native plant with a strong minty scent and taste.

Subject to seasonal availability.


Patriot's/Sage Tea
1 oz, $3.00

If you were in a household committed to the cause of freedom, you forsook British import teas and drank "Patriot's" or "Liberty" tea, a healthy tea made from garden sage.


Spearmint Tea
1/2 oz, $3.25

Mints were a popular substitute for imported teas.


Thyme Tea
1 oz, $3.00

Another substitute for imported tea because the herb was commonly grown in kitchen gardens.



Order one for yourself and one for a friend. They make great gifts!

Imported Teas Sampler

A collection of six imported teas, each in a small package enough for a pot of tea so you can sample these 18th-century flavors for yourself. Included in the Imported Tea Sampler: Bohea, Congo, Gunpowder, Hyson, Oolong, and Souchong teas.


Liberty Teas Sampler

A collection of five domestic teas, each in a small package enough for one pot of tea so you can sample these tastes. Included in the Liberty Tea Sampler: Lavender, Lemon Balm, Patriot's, Spearmint and Thyme Teas. Bee Balm (Oswego) is seasonal and not included in the sampler due to its limited availability.