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Each Grocery item comes packaged in a manner reproducing 18th century packaging using contemporary images and extant examples, whether packaged in paper packets, cloth bags, or glass or earthenware containers.

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Miscellaneous Edibles,
Cooking and Storage Equipment

Birch (left), $23.00
Bamboo (right), $6.75

These lovely birch whisks (left) are hand-made in Sweden and excellent for whisking eggs, gravies, cream - a generous 12 1/2" long. The bamboo whisks (right) are approximately 9" long. Sharpie is just for visual reference.

Temporarily out of stock while we secure another supplier.

Baking Equipment
Specially made for Dobyns & Martin

Tin Cake Hoops
$37.00 ea

Sometimes called "rings." The cake hoop measures 8-1/2" in diameter x 3-3/4" tall. There is no bottom in these hoops - you must "paper them" by tying baking paper over the bottom to hold the contents. (See illustration below.) Paper and string are supplied with each hoop; additional paper and string can be ordered below.

Hand wash and dry thoroughly. Oiling lightly with food-friendly oil is suggested to avoid rust.


Tin Baking Sheet

These sturdy hand made baking sheets measure 18" x 9-1/2" with beautifully turned edges. They are perfect for baking anything you like in a beehive oven. They are also just the right size to use with our Cake Hoops.

Hand wash and dry thoroughly. Oiling lightly with food-friendly oil is suggested to avoid rust.

Inquire for availability and price.

Cake Hoop properly tied with paper and string

Baking Paper
$.75 per sheet

Paper is supplied with each hoop, along with hemp string to tie it. Individual sheets of 14" x 14" baking paper are available.


Hemp String/Packthread
$1.50 per package

Use for tying your baking paper to the hoop. Package contains 6 feet of string.


Pudding Cloth


~ ~ ~

Clay Tobacco Pipes
Plain, 7" long, $10.00

Plain, 9" long, $12.00

Coming soon: Marbled!


Miscellaneous Edibles

Hard Tack/Ship's Bread/Biscuit
$3.00 ea


Licorice Sticks
$1.00 ea

The actual root of the licorice tree. 5" to 6" long.


 Dried Chestnuts
8 oz, $8.50

1/2 lb reconstituted equals about 1 lb 3 oz. Availability varies - inquire for availability.



Parched Corn

(Soaked, then roasted)
6 oz, $4.50


Laundry, Pins and Miscellany

Washing Soda

(used with Indigo)
8 oz in a jar, $5.00


Basic Lye Soap
4-oz (approx.) cake, $4.95

Contains only rendered tallow, lye, and water. Suitable for most skin types, very good for laundry. Despite its incorrect bad reputation, it keeps hands soft. Sold in a cake approximately 4 oz in weight.
Temporarily Out of Stock


Laundry Starch
5 oz in a jar, $6.00


Castille Wash Balls - Rose or Lavender
Approx. 2.5 oz per wash ball, $1.50 ea

Sorry, currently out of stock

Pastry Brushes
Turkey Feather (left), $3.75 ea
White Goose (right), $3.25 ea


Hair Pins
2" long, $1.00 ea
3" long, $1.50 ea

Originals in London's Foundling Museum. They hold the hair so very well! Handmade, stainless steel. Come in 2" or 3" length.


Crown Piece

$4.50 each

Reproduction of a 1743 English Crown piece; often used as a measure in English receipts: "Cut as thick as a crown piece."


~ ~ ~

Nutmeg Grater
Tin, $6.00

approx. 6" long, tin, top compartment holds a whole nutmeg. While supplies last - inquire for availability.


Straight Pins
Packet of 30, $3.00

Modern straight steel pins housed in a paper packet with a reproduced period advertisement from Henry Hales of London on the front piece.

~ ~ ~

Packet of 12, $3.00

Period reproduction packet containing 12 modern needles