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Each Grocery item comes packaged in a manner reproducing 18th century packaging using contemporary images and extant examples, whether packaged in paper packets, cloth bags, or glass or earthenware containers.

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The Flours

The Best White Oak Acorn Flour
1 lb, $24.00

White oak acorn flour is superior to red oak acorn flour because it's lower in tannic acid, therefore less bitter. Our supplier is providing the Grocery with the BEST acorn flour available.


Mustard Flour
(pictured in green glass jar)
1 oz, $4.75


Wheat Flour
Stone Ground, Middlins
(Medium Grind)
1 lb, $3.00


Chestnut Flour
1 lb, $19.00

Chestnut Flour is currently available, but we don't know for how long.
This flour is made from finely ground, dried chestnuts. It is a nice gluten-free flour.


Rice Flours

Rice flours were used in many receipts - rice custards, rice cream, rice pudding, rice pancakes to name a few.
Brown Rice Flour
1 lb, $3.00

White Rice Flour
1 lb, $3.00